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Publié par Coup Pour Coup 31

"Coup Pour Coup 31" is an anti-imperialist group of people which was created in March 2009 in Toulouse, France.

Men and women, French or immigrants, with papers or without any, are united behind this group, which is built around political main lines developed here:


The political stances:


- We fight imperialism as a system based on domination and exploitation.

- We fight every form of imperialist intervention worldwide, mainly French, whether it is political, economic, military or cultural.

- We fight every form of racism (anti-semitism, arabophobia...) and chauvinism.

- We support  people's struggles all around the world for national and social freedom. Especially the progressive and revolutionary organizations who plan a vision of society based on emancipation for everyone, men and women.

- We support the Palestinian resistance who fight for a unique, democratic, secular and multicultural state  based on the historical borders of Palestine.

- We support the right of home rule, independence  and self-determination for the people of the French colonies: French West Indies, French Guiana, Kanaky, etc.

-  We support all the progressive and/or revolutionary victims of repression, whatever their tactical and/ or strategic choices.


The actions:


- We organize or take part in gatherings, protests and demonstrations to support people's struggles around the world, and against racism and repression.

- We organize internationalist meetings with progressive and/or revolutionary activists in order to popularize their struggles.

- We organize film-sceening followed by discussion.

- We organize  fund-raisings

- We organize the propaganda (distribution and the delivery of newsletters and leaflets) in popular neighbourhoods so that to popularize  the anti-imperialism struggle in France and all around the world.


The running


- Everyone can  join the group, as long as they agree with our platform and our  political stances.

- The collective is self-financed so that to allow a total independance. Our money come from donations, evenings organized to financially support the collective, also from the the sales of booklets and all kind of  material support. Plus a monthly membership fee (5タ/month).

- We meet every two weeks. We take position on a vote by majority. We organize once a year a general meeting during which we do the political  track record of the previous year, then we plan the activities for the incoming year.


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