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Publié par Coup Pour Coup 31

Albert Woodfox is, with Robert King and Herman Wallace, one of the "Angola Three ": three Afro-American political prisoners incarcerated in 1971 in the Angola state prison in Louisiana US after being convicted for armed robbery. During his trial Albert Woodfox escaped and joined the Black Panther Party. Once caught and returned to prison, he continued his activism and founds - with Wallace and King - a chapter of the Black Panther Party within the Angola prison, symbol of the North American racist industrial prison system and of modern slavery established at the site of a former cotton plantation.

In 1972, Woodfox and Wallace were convicted of the murder of a white prison guard. King, who was not directly accused of the murder was declared an accomplice and the "Angola Three" were placed in isolation. Robert King remained in solitary confinement on 23/7 until 2001, Herman Wallace until October 2013, before he died of cancer three days after his release.

Albert Woodfox, is still languishing in isolation, refusing to deny his political commitment to the organization of Black prisoners, resistance to modern slavery in prisons, the defense of the rights of prisoners and claiming his innocence. The prison authorities refused to release him and put an end to his isolation despite the fact that his trial had already been struck three times because of racial discrimination.

Reflection of the popular organization supported by the Black Panther Party, the life of Albert Woodfox bares witness to the popular and political struggle for self-defense and liberation of the Afro-American community denouncing all the realities of racial and economic oppression of African-American people: from neighborhoods to prisons, from the the slave trade to industrial slavery of prison labor, from cultural and mental alienation to institutional destruction. It's the political strength of the resistance and the legacy of revolutionary fighters that has sustained Albert Woodfox during 42 years of isolation and it is they who must feed the international solidarity campaign for his release and against the racist system of oppression of US prisons.

We invite you to join the anti-imperialist campaign which runs from 1 to 28 February 2015 of the collective Coup pour Coup 31 for the immediate release of Albert Woodfox distributing this call and this campaign; organizing events around his release; by joining the appeal for donations that we launch!

Liberation campaign for Albert Woodfox